Asian Wedding Coordinator: What are they and why you need one.

Asian Weddings, although joyous occasions celebrating the bride and grooms love for one another, can be seriously stressful affairs. This unfortunately rings true most of all on the wedding day itself.

But the wonderful news is, it doesn’t have to be that way!

Asian wedding coordinators like myself offer a service that allows brides (and grooms) as well as their families to relax not only their wedding day, but the weeks leading up to it.

This is perhaps why our Desi Bride Dreams Asian wedding coordinator package has been so popular and a sell out package this year.

The reason why my Asian wedding coordination package was developed was because actually at my own engagement a few years back I had a bad experience. I was dealing with a English hotel in my hometown and although they assured me they had hosted plenty of Asian weddings and events they didn’t quite follow through on the day.

I made the huge mistake of not having everything in writing. Lesson learnt and my tip number one now is ALWAYS have everything in writing – no matter who your supplier is.

On my actual engagement day I arrived to the hotel early with my cousin as I wanted everything to run smoothly. I liaised with all of the suppliers such as the hotel staff and managed them whilst they were setting up the tables as well as overseeing the décor set up. Both my cousin and I also set up all of the little touches such as the gorgeous personalised milk chocolates I had, along with thank you notes and the dessert bar. From my perspective everything had been set up correctly and according to plan and on time!


I then went off to my hotel room to get ready and to greet my hair and makeup artist. I was in control and I was calm.

However although my engagement (Chunni ceremony) ran pretty smoothly and of course on time there were some mistakes made by the hotel staff. This made myself the blushing bride feel stressed when I was bombarded by the hotel staff, who were constantly asking me questions. The reason why this happened is because although I had told the hotel coordinator repeatedly (and I had two meetings with her) about the gap between starters and mains. Despite being told on a number of ocassions they started to bring out the mains right after the starters! If you are a Sikh bride then you know that at Sikh weddings there is always a sizeable gap between starters and mains. But for some reason they brought them out straight after! As you can imagine as a bride and the host my heart sank when I saw the waiters doing this. I immediately went over to the hotel coordinator and to my shock and horror she denied knowing anything about the timings (although I had told her multiple times and had two meetings with her) and the worst thing was she said that she had only scheduled the waiters on till 8pm! Once again my heart sank. Who was going to serve my mains? My family? Having them straight after starters definitely wasn’t an option as we hadn’t even done our first dance! I was seriously panicked.

Asian wedding coordinator

Thankfully she did schedule staff on till later and it was all resolved and no one really noticed what was happening but this clearly was unacceptable behaviour and of course very stressful for myself.

In that moment and of course on a lot of reflection after my Chunni I realised a Asian wedding coordinator for my big day was needed! And that was when I noticed there was a huge gap in the market, and so began offering the Asian wedding coordinator and Asian wedding planner  service myself – it has proved to be the most popular package of mine!

Asian wedding coordinator

Now, some of the most common questions I find myself being asked is ‘What exactly is a Asian wedding coordinator?’ and ‘Don’t most venues provide me with one anyway?’ The answer to that second question is, in short, no. Although most useful, ‘venue coordinators’ primary obligation is to the venue that they work for, not you the bride and groom. They rarely stay until the end of the day and of course, do not deal with anything outside of the venue itself.  Not to mention the high turnover rate of hotel and venue coordinators. If you’d like someone to make sure all the transitions (from the home, to the Gurdwara, to the reception) run smoothly, a Asian wedding coordinator is what you have been searching for.


I have had many Asian brides who, although first unsure on whether to hire my services, found my Asian wedding coordination package a god-send. They were unable to imagine how the day would have operated without me and the team! What exactly do you do you may ask? The easiest way I can think of to explain, is by running you through the services I myself offer in my Asian wedding coordinator package…

  • We become the main point of contact with suppliers two weeks prior to the big day. Forget the days of being bombarded with a last-minute phone call from the décor company. With us by your side, you and your family shall be undisturbed, able to fully enjoy the excitement of all the pre-wedding celebrations and the actual wedding day itself!
  • We work alongside you to create a complete itinerary of how the day with run, personally calling all suppliers, making sure they are happy with this and know what they shall be doing and when. In booking this package with us, you ensure that nothing is being left to luck or chance.
  • And most importantly, we completely take over the running and execution on the day itself. Not only will we organise all suppliers and guests, but we’ll also do anything from collecting wedding gifts at the end, to distributing wedding programmes.
  • When booking with us, you are booking a professional team, so you can guarantee that your Asian wedding is left in most safe and capable hands.

Asian wedding coordinator

There is so much more as well!

Being the first to arrive and the last to leave, Asian wedding coordinators really do ensure that the pressure and stress typically associated with a Asian wedding day is non-existent. This day should be magical for you and your husband to be, a day to remember for all the right reasons, so I strongly urge you to invest in a Asian wedding coordinator. After all, we probably cost less than your DJ package. A relatively small amount of money is surely worth your sanity and well being.


So for the Asian bride that wishes to plan their own big day but still enjoy and be completely present for it, a Asian wedding coordinator is a must in my opinion. And if budgets are tight, then you need not worry. Here at Desi Bride Dreams we are offering *£100 off our coordination package for all remaining dates of 2017 until Sunday 12th February. Yes this Sunday ONLY.

We quite literally have only a handful of dates left over the summer and this is quite honestly the only time we will be doing a offer this year!
Why? Because I believe in this amazing service that has helped so many #DesiBrides and I want to give back to my Desi Bride Dreams community. 

So please do send me an email on – it could be the best investment for your wedding that you make!

*Please note that this offer is only valid for new enquiries only

Here’s to stress free Asian weddings.

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