Hello there Desi Brides!

As you know the last few month’s I have been hinting at “Something Special” is coming soon. Well the wait is finally over Desi Brides, I can FINALLY reveal my brand new shiny service to the whole wide world!

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So ladies and gentleman I present to you (drum roll) please…

Desi Bride Dreams Wedding Planning!


I am SUPER EXCITED about this, but first please check the video below I have created for Desi Bride Dreams Wedding Planning. You’ll get a jist of what I can offer you!

WHOOP WHOOP! (Sorry I can’t help it, it’s just so exciting). 

So due to popular demand, and you Desi Brides always asking for my planning, coordination and decor services I have decided to launch my coordination and wedding planning services an extension of my beautiful blog Desi Bride Dreams.

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There is probably lots of different things going through your mind. Maybe its like OH MY GOD I NEED one of those ASAP or maybe what’s this all about?

So let me tell you Desi Brides.

The Story

I always I mean ALWAYS wanted a wedding blog, long before I even got engaged. I’ve kind of been obsessed with the Asian wedding world for years now so I knew a blog would be a perfect outlet for my thoughts, inspiration, ideas and advice. Desi Bride Dreams has been going for little over a year now. It’s been very popular already and I have been very lucky to receive emails from Desi Brides from all over the UK telling me how fantastic and helpful they think my blog is. Those are the best emails ever!

I have met so many amazing people from the UK wedding industry and I’ve been featured on the likes of BBC Asian Network, The Asian Leader and Bride Hour! Desi Bride Dreams is going places – touch wood!

So even before my wedding I was getting soooooo many emails on advice and planning, and brides generally being stressed, venting to me about dodgy suppliers and how their outfit had been messed up or how they had to re-book their entire wedding photography because they hated their wedding day photos. There was a clear pattern here – Desi Brides were stressed, worried, anxious confused and they needed HELP. 

I knew it totally should not be like that. This is meant to be a journey that is magical, glamorous right? Wrong, they were very stressed!

I have loved helping each and every one of them with my little pieces of advice! It was great to see a bride re-booking a photographer from my recommendation so that she could have those wedding day photos she always wanted. Not the ideal situation but hey, least I could help her.

My service has been put together after months and months of research of what you Desi Brides EXACTLY need and want, and of course is based upon my own experience of planning my glamorous New York themed wedding just a few months ago. I’ve spoken to over 15 brides recently, and coordination and planning is something they really struggle with and they wish they had booked. Unfortunately for them they were too late in finding this out, it was after their wedding day was over.  So one thing that has always come out is that Desi Brides need someone to coordinate and manage their day from beginning to end. That’s exactly what you get with me, I’ll be the first one there at your venue and the last to leave.


There is so much to cover on exactly what I will be offering, but there is a package for all you Desi Brides. You can find out all of the details here https://desibridedreamsplanning.co.uk/planning/

This is what my lovely Desi Bride had to say who’s wedding I coordinated 3 weeks before mine in May this year (crazy I know).

“When we first decided to hire a wedding coordinator we wanted someone not only to plan and manage our special day but to connect with us and our families. Sharn was that person! Not only did she understand what we wanted but visualised our wedding day and walked us through the itinerary and made us aware of any delays that may possibly happen and how she can manage them, making up for loss time.

We were liaising with Sharn every day via email, texts and phone calls. We had a few meetings with her and our suppliers so she can effectively communicate our wedding itinerary. Two weeks prior the wedding my husband and I were stress free handing everything over to Sharn’s capable hands. If need be she made executive decisions for us as she took the time to know us well enough.

On my wedding day Sharn was amazing! Calm, relaxed and professional. She knew the itinerary from the back of her hand. She was reassuring and thought quickly on her feet. My family were able to relax and enjoy my wedding as all the responsibility was handed to Sharn and she reassured us not to worry. I can honestly say that she did an amazing job and will definitely recommend her to anyone wanting a stress free wedding day”.

Raj & Dina – London

I’ve spoken to brides that got married recently and this is what they had to say about coordination.

“I got married 2 weeks ago, HIRE A DAY-OF COORDINATION! I did so much work before the wedding but the day of a lot of it didn’t even get set up. I was of course enjoying my big day, but there was really no organization… family did their best but didn’t know what it was supposed to look like. It came out beautiful but I found myself catching glimpses of things that didn’t look right and It took some of the joy away from it”. 

“I wish I would have hired a coordinator. I planned my whole wedding myself and ended up having to direct quite a bit on the day of because my family didn’t get it. I was also one of the first of my friends to get married so none of them knew how to help. It would have been nice to just relax and know someone else was handling the agenda during the wedding”.

BUT and there is a but, a very massive one. I AM different to other planners out their in the industry. If you are interested in my services then of course I can let you know all the details when you contact me.

One thing I know you are definetely thinking is how much is this going to cost me?  I am glad to say I am completely and utterly affordable! OK so I’m not a cheapo but what I would say is that I AM affordable and if you book me for wedding planning, I can definitely guarantee saving you money. That’s through the preferential rates I’ve agreed with my lovely dreamy suppliers, my hard negotiating skills and my money saving ideas and tactics. Also advising you along the way on what you exactly need and what you don’t need (Don’t get me started on how wedding suppliers will try and flog you everything you DON’T need).

OK so you don’t know what the hell coordination is. I hear you girl. It’s basically when I will run and manage your entire wedding day for you so that you, and your family are left to actually enjoy the wedding celebrations and parrrrrty! Because that’s what it’s all about right? I cannot stress how important this is, and no I’m not just plugging this to you because I want you to book me, I completely believe that this is probably THE best investment you’ll make for your dream day because it really does take the stress and pressure off everyone. So when a supplier doesn’t turn up then it’s my job to sort it out.

I work with all kind of budgets. So what if you don’t have a £50k budget for your dream day. I don’t care and I still work with you to plan and cordinate your special day. Because everyone princess deserves their fairy tale ending right?

I can go on and on and on but you can find more info on my website here – https://desibridedreamsplanning.co.uk/planning/

So this is the best bit. To celebrate my official launch I am NOW offering…

****£100 off my coordination service and £200 off my full wedding planning service until the 30th September****

But hurry though, as I have already had Desi Brides bookings confirmed for next year and August 2016 dates are nearly gone. So once their gone they are gone! So shoot me an email on hello@desibridedreams.co.uk or call me on 07939082844 for more info, packages and prices.

I also wanted to say a BIG thank you to all those Desi Brides who have booked me for their wedding next year – I am really excited to be a part of your dream day and making sure it runs smoothly from beginning to end, as well as making it glamorous glitzy and magical. Literally can’t wait!

I would totally appreciate it if you could share this post on your Facebook or Twitter or if you know someone who is getting married then please ask them to get in touch! After all sharing is caring right?

If you are still sitting on the fence on whether you need a planner or a coordinator for your big day, please don’t. I am happy to have a chat with you about how I can help you make your dream day stress free and magical. Give me a call on 07939082844.

Let’s make your dream day special, glamorous and memorable and above all stress free. Because after all, you deserve it don’t you Desi Bride?


Contact Us

+44(0)7939 082844

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