Recently Engaged – Where to start with your Asian wedding planning and do you need to hire a Asian wedding planner?

Now you’re just engaged and the happiest day of your life is imminent. Many Asian brides and grooms can all at once feel overwhelmed and quickly realise just how much there is to do. Especially when there is a civil ceremony to think about and not forgetting the pre wedding events and oh the guest list! But, as I tell so many of the brides that come to me, there is no need to be worried. So here are is my advice on where to start with your Asian wedding planning. 


This step is one I believe to be the most important of all (and the most enjoyable) and it is to enjoy being a newly engaged couple. Enjoy being in that romantic bubble of just the two of you and savour every last moment. The wedding will come around sooner than you expect, so my advice is to take some time out with your fiance (the person you have just agreed to spend the rest of your life with) and treasure this special moment. 

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Although you’ll want to show off your engagement ring to your nearest and dearest, there is one crucial task that must be done. Once you’ve finally stopped swooning over that dazzling rock, it is important to ensure it. Although nothing could replace the sentimental value of your ring, if something were to happen to it, wouldn’t you rather have the money to replace it? There are a couple of ways in which to do this:

1 As an extension of your homeowner/rental insurance.

2 – Through a company that specialises in jewellery insurance.

Whichever way you choose, it is a most important (yet often overlooked) step that I just couldn’t leave out of this list.

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This is the first thing people will be asking for (other than to see your newly accessorised hand that is) so it is important to decide on it early in the process. Although you won’t be able to set an exact date until the venue is booked, you can determine a range of dates that would suit you and your loved ones. Think about the availability of your friends and family (though it will be impossible to work around everyone) and also which season you’d prefer. If you always envisioned a winter wonderland of a wedding, there is no use in booking your wedding in June.

I as a Asian wedding planner for one would recommend avoiding July and August time, as this is peak Asian wedding season where prices tend to be at their highest and suppliers get booked up in advance. For example as a Asian wedding planner we have already started taking Asian wedding planning and Asian wedding coordination bookings for July 2018. 


This is so so important! Allow yourself time to simply think about the vision of your big day before booking anything. You will need to have a rough idea to enable you to brief the companies you are hiring. And although an often uncomfortable and less than pleasant topic, budgets really must be thought of. By this I mean realistic budgets! By deciding on this aspect early on, you and your fiance shall be relieved of not only stress, but numerous arguments.

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Pre-wedding events such as the Sanji or the engagement party can often get pushed to the back of pile and thrown together at the last minute. But by thinking about them early on, you can ensure everyone is available for these additional events as well as ensuring that they flow around your wedding events.

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Venues get booked up so far in advance, especially around July and August, so don’t waste any time in booking yours! You’ll want to leave plenty of time in finding your dream location as it will affect every decision you make from here on out. From the colour scheme, to the catering, to the wedding date itself. It is important to secure the venue as soon as is possible. If you are feeling overwhelmed and stuck with your venue search as a Asian wedding planner I also offer a venue search service. Get in touch via email on for more information. 

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Creating a checklist for all wedding / pre-wedding items and actions that are needed will really help you in the long run. Despite seeming overwhelming and initially time consuming, it will ensure that everything gets done, from organising entertainment to the folding of napkins.


If you are struggling at this point and still feel an overriding sense of panic just thinking about all there is to be done, then relax! Maybe it’s time to hire a Asian wedding planner. There is nothing strange or unusual about this, especially considering the hectic lives people live nowadays, and I myself offer wedding planning, getting involved as much as you wish or need and we offer a range of services from full Asian wedding planning to decor styling. You can find out more information on our website –



One of the most enjoyable steps has to be creating Pinterest boards for the wedding décor/design. Now if you’re anything like me, you will have already done this before getting engaged (or in a relationship even). But if you haven’t already, start creating mood boards for different aspects of your day. Wedding cakes to wedding dresses, Pinterest is sure to inspire you.


Think about who will be managing the event on the day. It won’t be you, the bride and groom, as it is important that you enjoy each and every moment of your special day for yourselves. This is where wedding coordination can come in. If you haven’t had a Asian wedding planner throughout your wedding planning journey then a Asian wedding coordinator is a must have.

For those wondering what that entails, it means I act as the main point of liaison on the day, being the first to arrive and the last to leave. We help you pull together a itinerary for your big day and go through all of the finer details of your wedding to ensure no important detail has been missed. Our Asian wedding coordination package is designed to leave you and your family to enjoy the celebrations. For information on our coordination package email and we would love to hear from you!

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This is incredibly important! By being organised I mean spreadsheets, folders, research, the whole lot. Be sure to keep any ideas or documentation safe, you’ll be sure to need it at some point. 



I feel I can’t stress this one enough, but enjoy it. As a Asian wedding planner I see so many couples so stressed in the lead up to the big day and its really important to enjoy the wedding planning journey rather than be stressed. After all, your only a Asian bride once and the only thing better than the planning of a wedding is the wedding itself. So please do enjoy it as it will be over before you know it.


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