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As you know, I absolutely love blogging and bringing my lovely Desi Brides reputable and wonderful suppliers from across the UK. I get to meet lots of lovely people who bring a lot to the UK Asian wedding industry which I love to share (doing the hard work so you don’t have to).
Today is no different. I have the very lovely Krishma from Maya Dahlia Cakes on Desi Bride Dreams. I discovered Krishma a few months ago and instantly fell in love with her beautiful luxurious and very grand cakes. I’m a big cake person (as you know) and for me a cake shouldn’t just be a piddly little thing that you cut but a masterpiece which is a representation of you and in line with the theme of the wedding. I can definitely say that Krishma’s cakes are some of the best in the UK (I’ve seen them in real life after all)
So I instantly contacted her and oh my god what a wonderful soul she was! She invited me to her photo-shoot in London and gave me a chance to taste the yummy cakes and meet her in person.
I rocked up at this beautiful Georgian Townhouse in the middle of Wandsworth and I was so warmly greeted by her. Don’t you just love suppliers like that?
See the thing I really like about Krishma is she is so so lovely! I have met a lot of suppliers from decor companies to caterers and the thing I really loved about her is she’s not pushy which is an absolute rarity in this this industry! She knew I hadn’t booked my cake for my big day and she didn’t do the whole hard selling thing. I just know she will listen to her brides and what they want and create a bespoke piece of magic for them!

Along with the yummy cake tasting I also had an opportunity to do a mini interview with her and find out more about Maya Dahlia Cakes.

So here we have it Desi Brides – Meet Maya Dahlia Cakes, let’s take it away! 

Tell us a bit about the Maya Dahlia Cakes?

Maya Dahlia Cakes was launched in early 2014 and is a luxury wedding cake brand based in London. Our aim is to enhance the luxury of our clients wedding day by creating a completely bespoke piece of art designed especially for them to take centre stage at their event.

When did you start baking and who taught you?

It sounds like a cliché but I have been a creative person all my life and have always loved drawing and making stuff! About 5 years ago I started experimenting with baking and found that I absolutely loved it. I started to watch loads of cake related TV shows and YouTube videos and surprisingly I found it to be a great way to learn the more technical elements of baking and decorating. I then took the plunge and booked myself on to an intensive baking master class with one of my idols, Peggy Porschen and I haven’t looked back since!

When a bride comes to you for her wedding cake what is the process you go through with her?

When a bride and groom enquire with me the first step is to book in an initial consultation. Here we would discuss all of the elements of their big day including décor, theming, food etc. and start to bounce around some initial ideas for their wedding cake. The couple may already have a design in mind, or may not even have thought about the style of the cake, however in this meeting our aim would be to arrive at a rough design/ concept. The next step would be to arrange a cake tasting so that the couple are able to try some samples and decide what flavour combination they would like on the big day. It is very important to me that the cake not only looks great but tastes great too.

After the bride and groom to be have booked their wedding cake the communication between us will continue until we arrive at a final design that they are 100{96bf72e157f0de290a30ca90587c742cb5c33e86c5bd5fb645ca1571820aea17} happy with. I would typically do this by creating a mood board and sketching up a few cake designs so that they can visualise what their cake might look like. There may then be a few iterations of this process until we end up with the perfect design.

What flavours do you currently offer? 

At Maya Dahlia Cakes we offer a large range of flavours and fillings, the full list can be found on our website here . One of my favourite flavour combinations is a nice light vanilla sponge cake with a zesty lemon buttercream, this works particularly well after a rich and heavy 3 course meal. For those clients who are a little more adventurous we also offer buttercream flavours like pistachio and mint, and mango and passion fruit.

What advice would you give to brides who don’t know where to start with their wedding cake? 

I would say start by looking out for things that inspire you and collect loads of images. These do not need to be images of other cakes but instead can be materials, textures, colours etc. I sometimes find the design phase is most successful when the couple have no cake images at all, as it allows us to be really creative and find new and exciting ways to transform ideas in to cake! Another piece of advice would be to spend some time looking at sites like Pinterest and other forms of social media. Nowadays ideas from around the world can be shared in an instant so it never hurts to do some research and see what is out there. This will hopefully give you and your chosen cake provider a good starting point.

What’s the most extravagant wedding cake you have made? 

Oh wow, over the last year I have made quite a few extravagant cakes but the most extravagant was at Grosvenor House and was Peacock themed! The wedding itself was very grand and luxurious so the cake had to fit the bill. We went for cake design that was unique but in keeping with the theme of the reception and so the cake was made up of 6 white and gold tiers with intricate regal detailing on each. It was finished with a hand-made gold sugar-paste peacock sitting proudly on the top tier, with a long tail made entirely fromfresh pink and orange flowers. It was definitely one of my favourites from last year!

We have seen that statement cakes were really popular last year, why do you think that is?

I think weddings in general, but particularly Asian weddings, are becoming more and more luxurious and bespoke, so couples are more keen than ever to add their own personal touch in whatever way they can. I find couples are also much more informed about the cake making process than in the past and really enjoy being involved, which I feel has led to more bespoke statement cakes.

Many brides want to opt for a 6-7 tier cake but are worried about wastage, what are your thoughts on this? 

I often get asked if there is the possibility of using polystyrene or ‘dummy’ cake tiers, especially by those couples who want a large statement cake but do not want too much wastage. I personally feel this is a great way of achieving a grand look and feel without wasting any cake, especially when that cake has been so carefully and lovingly made

We saw that the floral trend was really big last year, what do you think will be the trend this year?

I think this year we will see a move away from heavy floral designs, towards more subtle, and intricate hand crafted detail. Fashion also increasingly influences our daily lives and I see this leaking into cake design and cake presentation too. For Maya Dahlia Cakes 2015 will be a year of bringing fashion, art and cake making together in an innovative and unique style. I absolutely cannot wait to get back in the kitchen!

So what’s next for Maya Dahlia? 

So many things! In the short term I cannot wait to work with my 2015 couples, creating more beautiful and luxurious wedding cakes, and in the long term, who knows! 


And here are some beautiful images of both Krishma and the cakes – enjoy!

P.S if you would like to see these stunning masterpieces in real life then Krishma will be exhibiting at the Asiana Bridal Show on Sunday 8th February at the Lancaster London Hotel.

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Krishma at a photo shoot in Autumn last year


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