We have been extremely busy in the Asian wedding planner – Desi Bride Dreams office. January was one of our biggest month’s ever in terms of booking amazing weddings! 2018 looks set to be amazing as we are planning and coordinating weddings all across Europe!

But today on the blog I wanted to address some really key issues in the Asian wedding industry and the meaning of honesty and transparency when it comes to the Asian wedding market in the UK.

Now honesty and transparency is one of our key values here at Desi Bride Dreams and we are proud to say that we operate this way. Unlike like other Asian wedding planners we don’t operate on a commission basis. That however this a topic for another day because I really could talk about this all day.

The Asian wedding industry is rife with issues. As a couple its hard to find suppliers you can truly trust, and there can sometimes be this fear that you’re having the wool pulled over your eyes.

Seeing as your wedding is the biggest day of your life, it’s vital that you know how to navigate this Asian wedding planning journey. To help, I’ve included a few points on some key areas to focus on when planning an Asian wedding.

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Customer Service

As someone who’s a member of the UKAWP, I have plenty of experience with regards to customer service within the bespoke Asian wedding planning industry and with wedding suppliers. I’ve written a whole article dedicated to this before,and I mentioned many key points there. You can read all about it here: https://desibridedreamsplanning.co.uk/customer-service-exist-asian-wedding-industry

One of the main issues highlighted was the length of time it took for suppliers to get back to me after an enquiry. Good customer service means you respond to prospective clients at least within 48 hours But, from my experience and the feedback we have had from couples is that Asian wedding suppliers blanked them for weeks on end.

Poor customer service is the first sign of a problem. You can’t trust a supplier if they don’t give you the time and attention you deserve from the first point of contact. What you need to look for are suppliers that are honest with you and invest in taking the time to get to know you from day one.

Therefore it is imperative that you book suppliers that actually have high standards of customer service. Another thing I would like to point out here is that as the old saying goes “You get what you pay for.” And you really do! Whilst its so tempting to scroll down to the final figure on the invoice and make a decision based on that, you really do need to compare the quality and service. I have often seen Asian couples fall into the trap of booking some cheap suppliers only to be disappointed by the end product, service or customer service.

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Commission Fees

Commission fees are a dark subject in the Asian wedding industry.

Here at Desi Bride Dreams, I choose to pass any supplier savings straight onto my customers.I pride myself on being an honest bespoke Asian wedding planner, and if I receive a commission fee, I pass that saving directly on to you.

Some Asian wedding planners set bookings up with suppliers and charge them a fee in exchange for finding clients, and although it’s just business, from the perspective of a couple it basically means that you are paying lots of commission fee’s that you aren’t even aware of! What usually happen’s is that the Asian wedding planners hasn’t really done much research and is just selecting suppliers that pay them commission, to make more money. I think that’s the main problem people have with commission fees, it makes it hard for them to truly trust their Asian wedding planner.

Realistically, it all comes down to transparency. If your Asian wedding planner is honest with you and tells you that they accept commission from certain suppliers, then that’s absolutely fine and they need to make this point apparent before you even sign the contract. Ultimately, it becomes your choice whether you want to go with the supplier or not, they won’t force you. Problems arise when you find out after paying a supplier that your Asian wedding planner got a commission fee from them. For example I have heard of certain scenario’s where an Asian wedding planner will only recommend suppliers who they have a commission fee deal with and if the couple doesn’t like their work or portfolio then the Asian wedding planner has told them to do their own research! Clearly this isn’t wedding planning.

You may be thinking that the commission fee model is acceptable and it can’t mean that much money. This is completely untrue. Most planners will walk away in excess of £10k commission and on top the fee you paid them!

If you are looking at Asian wedding planners for your big day and you are comparing proposals and quotes and there is a big discrepancy between final quotes then alarm bells should start ringing.

Asian Wedding Planner London

Undercutting & Discounts

Everyone loves a discount, and it’s amazing when you find something of real quality for a very low price. However, when your Asian wedding is concerned, you really shouldn’t be looking for the cheapest options. As the old saying goes; you get what you pay for.

A plethora of Asian suppliers undercut their prices or offer huge discounts to tempt Asian brides in. This may seem appealing, but there’s always going to be a huge question mark around these prices. How can they afford to sell something for half the price of a competitor? In reality, it means you’re paying for something of much lower quality.

As a general rule of thumb, if a supplier claims to sell something very expensive that’s reduced dramatically – then it was never expensive in the first place. Pay more attention to what you’re purchasing, rather than the figure itself. Take time to test out any products/services before committing to a supplier. More often than not, you’ll find the more expensive suppliers provide better quality for your wedding and every pound invested is well worth it.

Contracts Are Key

In all my experience as a bespoke Asian wedding planner, I find the biggest mistake Asian couple’s make is not having contracts in place with suppliers.

Think about it, what’s the point of a contract? It’s a legally binding agreement between the client and the company. They agree to provide a service to you or else face legal issues. This prevents the shockingly common scenario of suppliers abandoning you at the last minute.

Therefore I highly recommend that you have a contract place with all of your Asian wedding suppliers. If a supplier refuses to provide you with a contract then I would recommend that you don’t actually book that supplier. Any reputable Asian wedding supplier will provide you with a contract.

I really hope the information I’ve given you will help you when navigate through the Asian wedding market through If you are looking for a creative planner to take the stress from me when planning your wedding I’d love to talk to you bespoke Asian Wedding planner packages. You can reach me directly on 07939082844 or drop us an email on hello@desibridedreams.co.uk

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