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I hope you all had a fabulous start to the year!

We have been extremely busy in the DBD office as we have been finalising plans for our spring weddings as well all of our summer weddings. We have also booked even more destination weddings for 2018 and 2019!

So today on the blog we are talking about hiring an Asian wedding planner for your dream day.

See the truth is I always use to think that a wedding planner wasn’t a real job or career. Before getting married myself I didn’t even think that Asian couples would hire an Asian wedding planner.

How wrong was I! After planning my 3-day wedding extravaganza I realised that planning an Asian wedding wasn’t simply just ringing suppliers and booking them, there was so much more involved. Elements such as timelines, logistics, contracts, negotiations need to be considered and the list does go on. With my background in online marketing, I was very fortunate that my eye for details has always been excellent so my pre-wedding and wedding day events ran really smoothly. Nearly all of the guests commented how well the wedding was organised. I also didn’t have a job towards the end of the wedding planning, therefore, I was able to commit a lot of time to my Asian wedding planning but if I did have a demanding career I am not quite sure how I would have been able to fit it all in!

After my own wedding so many family and friends encouraged me to venture into Asian wedding planning. I was hesitant, surely that wasn’t a real career or job? Surely the film wedding planner was just a film and people don’t do this role for a living?

How wrong was I? Nowadays if you want anything but above an average Asian wedding, Asian wedding planners are fast becoming a necessity rather than a luxury. This is definitely reflective in the year we have had as we were fully booked last summer and we were actually turning client’s away. 2018 seems to be even busier as so many working professionals are opting for an Asian wedding planner due to their hectic schedules and busy careers.

Asian Wedding Planner

So I think there is definitely a misconception attached to an Asian wedding planner, some may say they are an unnecessary expense and all we do is cake tastings and attend decor and design meetings.

But it really couldn’t be a further from the truth. As an Asian wedding planner, our role can be really demanding. As you can imagine being a good Asian wedding planner involves being excellent at admin and having a huge eye for detail. Organising wedding and events for 300 plus guests is no easy task and we are constantly looking at logistics, timelines, contracts and of course, all at the same time managing everyone’s expectations including supplier and client relationships.

So why would you consider an Asian wedding planner? The answer is simple. If you actually don’t have the time, expertise, patience then hiring a reputable, excellent creative  Asian wedding planner really is the best solution.

Did you know that it takes an average of 350 hours to plan an Asian wedding? That’s not even considering the pre-wedding events, civil ceremony or your bridal India trip.

There are many Asian wedding planners out there but I wanted to give you some guidance on how to choose one that is right for you as a couple and your vision.

Asian Wedding Planner

Asian Wedding Planner

1. When you start your research a simple Google search will bring up so many results! But be warned as they may be decor companies and catering companies which don’t actually specialise in Asian wedding planning. Once you have found Asian wedding planners through Google make sure that you do look at their website and social media channels. Most Asian wedding planners will post their most recent work on social media channels, therefore, you can really get a feel for their work on there and if it resonates with you.

Another point to bear in mind is that a few Asian wedding caterers may say that they do the wedding planning for you. I am still not sure why they actually say this but please don’t be fooled. Asian wedding planning isn’t just about giving you a list of approved vendors – it’s so much more than that. I have yet to come across an Asian catering company that can offer a bespoke wedding planning service. What they will usually do is provide you with a list of approved suppliers which they are most likely getting a commission for (more on that below) and that will be the end of it. In relation to our wedding planning service it’s completely bespoke and tailored to each couple therefore we would never actually just give you a list – we do so much more than that.

2. Look at their portfolio and see if it’s in line with your vision. But bear in mind that most Asian wedding planners can work towards any decor or design brief. Therefore it’s important that you do not disregard completely if it’s not in line with your whole vision. Here at Desi Bride Dreams we always offer a bespoke planning service that is completely in line with our client’s vision whether that is a minimalist luxury or full wedding production led wedding, but we are always creative.

3. Ask them if they are working on a commission model. This is a vital question that you must ask as a lot of Asian wedding planners don’t operate on an honest and transparent basis. This means they are usually working on a commission model but the client is completely unaware of it, therefore, the clients end up paying not only the planner fee but thousands of pounds worth of commission on top. Alarm bells should start ringing when the planner’s fee appears to be low as this normally means they are working on a commission model. I know so many brides that paid an upfront fee and then the Asian wedding planner actually made over £10k in commission fees. Of course, if you are happy with that model then that’s absolutely fine but it’s important that you are aware of how your Asian wedding planner works in relation to the monetary aspect.

4. Look at their testimonials or praise page. We have worked with some amazing couples and we have a bank of beautiful testimonials to prove that we provide an excellent service. This should also be at the forefront of your mind as well. Ensure that they are actually real testimonials as well and not just false ones a planner has made up. And this does happen so please do be aware.

4. Make sure you do your homework and ensure they are reputable. Unfortunately, there are a lot of unprofessional Asian wedding planners so you need to make sure before signing on the dotted line that they are reputable. This is especially true for destination weddings and you need to ensure they have actually planned a destination abroad.

5. If you are thinking of investing in an Asian wedding planner then you really do need to also think about a budget. Some couples may think you can hire a reputable Asian wedding planner for £3k. This is absolutely not the case. Unlike other Asian wedding suppliers we spend on average 250 hours planning your Asian wedding before the wedding, therefore, the charges need to be reflective of that work. Another thing is that we are providing a service which almost feels like it is invisible and you won’t know the true value of it until the wedding is over and you realise you have had the best day of your life without the stress or worry! Therefore any reputable Asian wedding planner should not be charging low rates and if they are then you really need to question what kind of service you will be receiving for that investment and are they working on a commission model.

We really hope you found this blog post useful. If you would like any more information on our wedding planning and coordination services then email us over at hello@desibridedreams.co.uk

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