How much do you charge?

I have a very customised approach to Asian wedding planning and Asian wedding coordination. Once I know the date of your wedding, the guest size, and location, I can then send across a proposal for you.

I already have a venue coordinator, do I need a coordinator?

This is a great question! A venue coordinator is someone who works at your chosen venue and their only interest on your wedding day is, of course, the venue itself. As a bride, while you are important, the venue remains as their most important piece to manage. However, an Asian wedding coordinator will do so much more. They will together all of the wedding together for you weeks before the wedding and ensure everything is executed correctly on the wedding day and of course do all of the running around for you so that your family and friends don’t have to. This is why our Asian wedding coordinator package has become so popular so quickly!

An Asian wedding coordinator will also work on your all your finer wedding details weeks before the big day with you, so they will have your best interests at heart because they have planned so many of the details! Your Asian wedding coordinator will understand your vision and be on hand to set up, plus they will execute a complete timeline on your wedding day. The Asian wedding coordinator’s role will be to ensure that all of your hard work pays off on the actual day leaving you and your family stress free.

I only need help with a certain area of my wedding, can you help with that?

Of course! Here at Desi Bride Dreams Wedding Planning, I completely understand that not one package fits all! I can help plan or assist with as little or as much as you need. Whether I’m helping to execute your wedding decoration or theme or fully planning your Asian wedding planning, I can customise the perfect package for you.

Do I really need a wedding planner or a coordinator?

Another great question! The average Asian wedding needs over 350 planning hours. With all of your pre wed events and engagement to think about and enjoy, it is a very big task. The planner can be a great resource for full wedding planning as they have all of the insider knowledge and expertise to execute a beautiful wedding. Your celebration will be brilliantly organised and magical without the emotions that naturally come with Asian wedding planning.

Here at Desi Bride Dreams, we would like to think that our wedding planning fee pays for itself through our preferential supplier rates and ability to identify the things you really don’t need for your wedding. Planning your wedding can be a daunting and stressful experience, so leave it to the professionals to take care of it on your behalf!

Asian wedding coordination is something that I always recommend to all of our clients. There is nothing worse than planning your wedding for years and months and then it not being right on the big day itself. Leave your family, friends, and bridesmaids stress free, and let the coordinator do all of the running around and manage your dream day for you.

Do you travel?

Of course I do! We are happy to travel all across the UK and even abroad for Asian wedding planning and Asian wedding coordination.