Do I really need a Asian wedding planner or Asian wedding coordinator if my venue has a coordinator? I have heard this time and time again. Today I am going to explain the differences between an Asian wedding planner, Asian wedding coordinator and venue coordinator.

Every Asian bride wants her wedding day to be the best day of her life; to run smoothly and be the magical day that she has always dreamed of. But with the hustle and bustle that occurs on the day, with managing timings, suppliers and a lot more, this can sometimes be difficult. Especially when considering the large numbers and complexity of an Asian wedding set up. There can be multiples room turnarounds on the day, not to mention managing the guests and of course family.


Now it is not uncommon for brides to want to plan their big day without any assistance, but that does not mean a Asian wedding coordinator doesn’t come in handy. As the beautiful bride you don’t want to be worrying on your big day, do you? So handing over the reins in the final weeks leading up to your wedding can save you from a whole lot of unnecessary stress and ensure your big day runs smoothly from beginning to end.

Some of you could be wondering why on earth you’d need a Asian wedding coordinator; after all, most venues have venue coordinators included in their packages nowadays. But the most important thing to remember is that ‘Asian Wedding Coordinator’ and ‘Venue Coordinator’ are two very different roles, each referring to different levels of service. So here it goes…

The Venue Coordinator:

The most vital thing to keep in mind is who your coordinator is working for. Whilst the venue coordinator will ultimately be working for the venue itself, Asian wedding coordinators or Asian wedding planners like myself work for YOU, and only YOU. They look out for your best interests above all else, unlike the venue, who often act as more of a salesperson and ambassador for the venue. Though is not a criticism of venue coordinators, they do a wonderful job in making sure the venue is presentable and responding to venue related enquiries in the run up to the wedding and I have worked with some fantastic wedding cooordinators however our roles and responsibilties are completely different. 


Particularly when it comes to Asian weddings venue coordinators more often that not don’t get as involved as they would do for a British wedding and most venues only provide dry hire services for Asian weddings. I witnessed this early this year whilst planning a Asian wedding at a dry hire venue, the input from the venue staff was minimal on the day. This was one of the reasons the couple hired me as they were aware that the venue would have minimal involvement on the day. Asian wedding coordinators and Asian wedding planners like myself offer a much more personal service and get to know all of the moving parts of your Asian wedding and they take on far fewer clients per year, something I believe every bride secretly desires.

One thing to also note is that due to the high turnover rate in venue coordinator positions, you could very well be dealing with a different person than who you originally booked your dream day with.


Asian Wedding Coordinator:

Our Asian wedding coordinator package is one of a kind. We completely take over the running and execution of your Asian wedding, becoming the main point of contact for all suppliers so that you and your family are not disturbed. You deserve to fully enjoy and live in the moment of your wedding, not worrying about when the main’s are going to be served or if your wedding car has arrived. 

We work alongside you to create a complete itinerary of how the day will run, personally calling all suppliers to make sure they are happy with it, answering any questions where needed in the weeks running up to your wedding and identifying gaps so that you haven’t missed anything out such as bar glassware, the cake knife and so on. 

We also send across a Asian wedding coordination checklist which you can work on in the run up to your wedding to ensure that nothing is missed out, advising on where you potentially may have missed something. 


When the big day finally arrives, there is nothing we won’t do to help: from collecting guest books and wedding gifts at the end, to showing guests to their seats, you can guarantee that we will stay by your side throughout the entire big day. 

I know that, for the brides I have had the pleasure of working with, they have certainly not regretted their decision of hiring a Asian wedding coordinator or Asian wedding planner. They have appreciated the fact that unlike their venue coordinators, I have understood the traditions and complexity that come with Asian weddings, truly able to get stuck into their special day and help out with all aspects of it.

So, whether you have a venue coordinator or not, there is always a need for someone who will go above and beyond on your special day. Being the first to arrive and last to leave, taking over the stress of communicating with suppliers just days before the wedding and knowing the itinerary like the back of their hands. This person is the Asian wedding coordinator!

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